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Jimmy Nelson: Homage to Humanity

Jimmy Nelson

  • Bindwijze: Paperback
  • Taal: Engels
  • Categorie: Kunst & Fotografie
  • Uitgever: Rizzoli International Publications
  • ISBN: 9780847862146
  • Review:
Van Before They Pass Away
Verschijningsdatum:september 2018
Afmetingen:41,7 x 31 x 7,5 cm
Aantal pagina's:525 pagina's
Kaarten inbegrepen:Nee
Auteur:Jimmy Nelson
Redacteur:Jimmy Nelson
Redacteur:Jimmy Nelson


The renowned photographer and author of Before They Pass Away captures the worlds of thirty iconic disappearing tribes from across the globe.

Jimmy Nelson, renowned photographer and author of Before They Pass Away, captures the essence of thirty iconic and disappearing tribes from Asia, Africa, Mexico, to Australia and India. The acclaimed British photographer presents his latest collection of 400 evocative photographs revealing an inclusive look at the people and cultures of over thirty iconic tribes from around the world. From the Himalayas with the Laylap in Bhutan to the last hidden outposts of Africa with the Mundari in isolated South Sudan, these tribal cultures, many which have long been hidden from the world's eyes, are documented with an intimacy and knowledge that only Nelson can conjure.

This new assemblage of voyages is accompanied by insightful, engaging interviews with tribe leaders, infographics on the locations and cultures of each destination. To accompany Homage to Humanity, Jimmy Nelson and his team have created a companion mobile app. It is a remarkable record of their journeys on a state-of-the-art platform, with immersive 360 films, behind-the-scenes footage, storytelling and more. Each image in this book has hidden, digital layers. Go even deeper into Jimmy Nelson’s photographs with exciting additional material that will bring you new insights into his work, and new perspectives on the lives of the people he visited. You can download the app in the Apple store or Google play store. Every book comes with a pair of cardboard 360 glasses, which you can use to view 360˚ film material, behind the scenes video, storytelling, and interviews from all the journeys -inviting readers on a journey to the remotest places on earth.

Before They Pass Away II celebrates each tribe's distinct aesthetic cultural heritage and is a visual document, perhaps even the last record, that reminds us and future generations of the beauty and harmony of these tribes and the purity of their way of life. This unique volume - truly an invaluable time capsule of the last surviving tribes - is an essential for travel and photography enthusiasts.

Nelson's large-plate field camera captures every minute detail, vivid color, and dramatic light to produce awe-inspiring portraits of tribal members: from head-on shots, to visual narratives documenting quotidian life, rituals, and rites of passage, and striking pictures of marvelous and sometimes harsh landscapes.