Healing Bermuda

Dr Peets Talbot

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The Real Solution to Your Health Crisis
Verschijningsdatum:januari 2018
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Auteur:Dr Peets Talbot | Beth Hollis
Co-auteur:Beth Hollis
Co-auteur:Beth Hollis


Are you ready for the ‘real’ solution to optimal health?In Healing Bermuda: The Real Solution to Your Health Crisis; holistic practitioners Dr. PeetsTalbot, Dr. Famous and Beth Hollis reveal the truth about what’s ailing the health of Bermudiansand many others Worldwide and the easy steps to solving it. If you have struggled with lowenergy, weight gain and have a chronic medical condition such as Diabetes, Hypertension, orCancer this book will teach you how to optimize your health on your own terms.Learn to Think like a Holistic Doctor- question, and challenge old health beliefs and movetowards transforming your health or a loved ones health. This book will help you overcomehealth failures and misguidance.The stories of many who have learned and executed holistic health practices are shared in thisbook. You’ll meet individuals with different diagnosis and health challenges that have overcomethem. They are proof that the opportunity to optimize ones’ health is attainable for all ages andbackgrounds especially if there is a willingness to learn.You’ll Learn How To:• Improve your energy• Enhance your longevity and vitality• Diminish your pain• Decrease your dependence on toxic medicationsMore Than Just a Book, Healing Bermuda: The Real Solution to Your Health Crisis is the UltimateGuide to Restoring your Health and Energy. It’s time to be educated, inspired and transformed. Let’s Get Started!Dr. Ayesha Peets Talbot, Dr. Sabrina Famous and Beth Hollis, co-founded Ocean Rock Wellness Ltd.,Bermuda’s leading holistic healthcare practice. They host the Road to Wellness Seminar Series, as theyare passionate about educating others health and wellness. They are excited to share their expertisein living a healthy balanced lifestyle. They have a dynamic integrated approach that can helppeople of all ages throughout their lifespan. Their mission is to help the world live a balanced andhealthy lifestyle through integrated health care promotion, education, and delivery.