The Colour of Time

Dan Jones

  • Taal: Engels
  • Bindwijze: Hardcover
  • Categorie: Literatuur & Romans
  • Uitgever: Head Of Zeus
  • ISBN: 9781786692689
A New History of the World, 1850-1960


Historian Dan Jones and artist Marina Amaral collaborate using digital techniques to imbue 200 photographs from across pre-colour photography history with colour, with Jones's accompanying text putting each in context. Images from the US Civil War, the reign of Queen Victoria, the beginning of the Space Age and comparably significant bygone periodsbr /br /The Colour of Time spans more than a hundred years of world history from the reign of Queen Victoria and the US Civil War to the Cuban Missile Crisis and beginning of the Space Age. It charts the rise and fall of empires, the achievements of science, industry and the arts, the tragedies of war and the politics of peace, and the lives of men and women who made history.br /The book is a collaboration between a gifted Brazilian artist and a leading British historian. Marina Amaral has created 200 stunning images, using contemporary photographs as the basis for her full-colour digital renditions. Dan Jones has written a narrative that anchors each image in its context, and weaves them into a vivid account of the world that we live in today. A fusion of amazing pictures and well-chosen words, The Colour of Time offers a unique – and often beautiful – perspective on the past.

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