Web-Based Digital Presentations

Tamra B. Orr

  • Bindwijze: E-book
  • Taal: Engels
  • Uitgever: Rosen Central
  • ISBN: 9781499437768
Verschijningsdatum:december 2015
Ebook formaat:Adobe ePub
Aanbevolen leeftijd:9 - 12 jaar
Auteur(s):Tamra B. Orr
Auteur(s):Tamra B. Orr
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Ebook formaat:Adobe ePub


Gone are the days when students stood in front of the class with a notecard, a photocopied pie chart, and a poster board collage. Today, so many innovative—and free—resources are available on the Internet or a standard computer, that students can give presentations worthy of a boardroom or TED talk. Providing tips on finding free online photos, maps, and other art; putting together a multimedia report; and speaking in front of a group, this handy resource will help propel any reader’s report straight to the top of the class.