Couples Sex Guide

Ariana Hunter

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Better Sex for You and Your Partner. a Couples Sex Guide That Will Enhance Your Relationship!
Verschijningsdatum:maart 2015
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Auteur:Ariana Hunter
Auteur:Ariana Hunter


Couples Sex Guide: Better Sex For You and Your Partner. A Couples Sex Guide That Will Enhance Your Relationship! Do you actually want to have better sex? Do you want to learn how to give a better blowjob? Do you want your man to last longer in bed? Could your man use some cunnilingus tips? If you or you partner answered yes to any of these questions, then you could both benefit immensely from reading this book and the best part is…You can get your copy of "Couples Sex Guide" today for a very low price!Sex can be difficult, frustrating and confusing, but it shouldn’t be like that at all! Sex should be fun, pleasurable and adventurous! If you want practical advice and tips on how to improve your sexual relationships, then you must read this book. There are a myriad of different sex guides out there but most of them are broad, vague and not very useful. This book is specific, applicable, affordable and vital to a healthy sexual relationship.You Will Learn: - Why confidence is crucial in sexual relationships - The necessity of excellent communication skills- The importance of spontaneity when trying to keep a long-term sexual relationship healthy- Some amazing sex positions you may have never tried, such as ‘the arched bridge’ and ‘the super squat’ positions- Fellatio tips- Cunnilingus tips- How to set the mood and the best ways to incorporate effective foreplay into your relationshipAND SO MUCH MOREDon’t allow your sex life to disintegrate into a boring and mundane routine. Keep the flame alive and learn how to spice things up by reading this book with your partner. The tips you will learn here are sure to get your partners toes curling and to get you moaning uncontrollably. Don’t hesitate SCROLL TO THE TOP OF THIS PAGE AND DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY OF “COUPLES SEX GUIDE: SUBTITLE” RIGHT NOW AND LET’S GET OUR BEDROOMS HOT AND OUR BEDS ROCKING--------TAGS---------couples sex, couples sex books, couples sex help, couples sex free, couples self help, couples sex addiction. sex and marriage, better sex, better sex workout, sex tips, sex positions, blow jobs, cunnilingus, fellatio, sexual attraction, libido increase, libido supplement for women, couples sex guide, better sex guide, what men want, what women want