Baby Care Guide for First Time Parents

Catherine Braun

  • Bindwijze: E-book
  • Taal: Engels
  • Uitgever: Catherine Braun
  • ISBN: 1230000163316
Ebook formaat:Adobe ePub
Auteur:Catherine Braun
Auteur:Catherine Braun
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Nothing can quite prepare you for those first weeks of parenthood, there are many practical ways to help ease the transition. After all, taking care of your baby will be a round-the-clock job, and the only way to learn is through observation, education and experience. Between the feedings and diaper changes, the sleepless nights and unexplained crying spells, Yours or your baby's, fatigue and stress can quickly take a toll. So before you're officially a parent, take some time to baby proof your life. In this book you can find all about having baby, how to feed baby, how to dress, how to bath your baby and etc. It is not hard to be parent for the first time if you read this book and prepare yourself for being parent.