Why We Can't Get Along

Al Restivo

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  • ISBN: 9780985832681
Verschijningsdatum:augustus 2014
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Auteur:Al Restivo
Auteur:Al Restivo


Humans seem to thrive on conflict-most often they agree to disagree. Conflict is a common human occurrence at all levels of organizations, in families and throughout society. It is stressful to most people and affects interpersonal relationships and human harmony. Every year $359 billion is spent in the time it takes to deal with organizational conflicts. Managers spend 2.8 hours a week just dealing with conflicts. Conflict is inevitable. It exists and is a source of group and personal dysfunction. By its very nature, it can be a source of anger and stress, but also can act as an intellectual stimulus leading to people working creatively together in harmony toward very positive outcomes Conflict is inevitable because people are different and will always be different.