Greek Sculpture

Mark D. Fullerton

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  • Uitgever: John Wiley And Sons Ltd
  • ISBN: 9781444339796
Verschijningsdatum:april 2016
Afmetingen:Afmeting: 24,6 x 18,9 x 3 cm
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Auteur(s):Mark D. Fullerton
Auteur(s):Mark D. Fullerton


Greek Sculpture presents a chronological overview of the plastic and glyptic art forms in the ancient Greek world from the emergence of life-sized marble statuary at the end of the seventh century BC to the appropriation of Greek sculptural traditions by Rome in the first two centuries AD. * Compares the evolution of Greek sculpture over the centuries to works of contemporaneous Mediterranean civilizations * Emphasizes looking closely at the stylistic features of Greek sculpture, illustrating these observations where possible with original works rather than copies * Places the remarkable progress of stylistic changes that took place in Greek sculpture within a broader social and historical context * Facilitates an understanding of why Greek monuments look the way they do and what ideas they were capable of expressing * Focuses on the most recent interpretations of Greek sculptural works while considering the fragile and fragmentary evidence uncovered