Python Version 3.2 Introduction using IDLE and PythonWin

Herb Norbom

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  • ISBN: 9781491273722
For Linux-Debian and Microsoft Windows
Verschijningsdatum:augustus 2013
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Auteur(s):Herb Norbom
Auteur(s):Herb Norbom


Congratulations on selecting Python. An excellent starter or tutorial to quickly assist the reader in producing programs with Python 3.2. If you have never programmed this book will give you the necessary knowledge to write Python programs. The book is efficiently organized and walks the reader into the basic programming process. Details that the programer will need fairly quickly are covered in good detail. Python's standard editor and shell program, named IDLE is used for all examples. The book also provides instructions on running Python under PC Windows and Linux environments. All programs are tested under Python 3.2.x on Linux-Debian and on the Microsoft Windows®. A quick introduction to PythonWin is included. Differences between the operating environments are noted This book gives detailed instructions and sample programs along with the program output for areas that include: CONSOLE INPUT, DATA TYPES, STRING MANIPULATION,IF STATEMENTS,READING AND WRITING TEXT FILES,READING AND WRITING LISTS FILES,READING AND WRITING ARRAY FILES,LOOPING,USER DEFINED FUNCTIONS,CLASSES,ERROR HANDLINGAND SOME MODULE IMPORTS ARE COVERED. My goal is to provide a description of what the program is going to do, show the program and then the Python Shell for the output. I hope that you learn a lot and have some fun. You can continue on to great depth with Python. One of my reasons for learning Python was to control remote process's, such as controlling a robot from my PC. In my book “Robot Wireless Control Made Simple with Python and C”, sold separately, I cover many other Python topics. The separate Robot Book includes for example: GUI-tkinter, playing sounds, text to speech, queues, threading, subprocess and serial communication. That book also covers programming microchips with C and the wiring schematics for motors, communications and the H-Bridge. Visit the web site www.rymax.biz for additional information.