Patricia Donegan

  • Bindwijze: E-book
  • Taal: Engels
  • Categorie: Poëzie, Bloemlezingen & Letterkunde
  • Uitgever: Tuttle Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781462908059
Asian Arts and Crafts for Creative Kids
Verschijningsdatum:augustus 2012
Aantal pagina's:64 pagina's
Ebook formaat:Adobe ePub
Aanbevolen leeftijd:6 - 8 jaar
Auteur(s):Patricia Donegan
Auteur(s):Patricia Donegan
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Ebook formaat:Adobe ePub


The Asian Arts & Crafts for Creative Kids series is the first series, aimed at readers ages 7-12, that provides a fun and educational introduction to Asian culture and art. Through hands on projects readers will explore each art—engaging in activities to gain a better understanding of each form.

In this volume, children will learn to create haiku. Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that uses images from nature to make a statement or capture a moment. Haiku are short, but powerful expressions—making them easy and fun to write and share with your friends.

The activities in this book will show the seven keys to creating your own haiku, and will help you to get started, think up memorable words and images, and write the three short lines that make up a great haiku. With clear expressions and many examples, this is a great way to have fun while you explore the fascinating aspect of Japanese culture.

You'll learn to write:Your first haikuHaiku about natureHaibun—haiku with a short storyHaiga—haiku with a drawingRenga—haiku that you write with friends.