Don't Retire Until You Check with Your Honey

John E. Garcia

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An Entertaining Guide for Men Contemplating Retirement
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Auteur:John E. Garcia | John E. Garcia
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Co-auteur:John E. Garcia
Originele Titel:Don't Retire Until You Check with Your Honey


Congratulations, you've run the first 2/3 of life's gauntlet for the working man and you now stand triumphant, looking forward to society's reward…Retirement! Before you take that final step out of the working world, you owe it to yourself to reflect on the answers to a few very important questions about what you plan to do with these golden retirement years. This book focuses on the contemplation of retirement as opposed to contemplation after retirement! Its recommendations can help preserve your post retirement mental health as well as that of your wife and loved ones. There are actually only three simple reasons to work! You probably know a couple of them, but unless you know and have contemplated all three, you need to keep working at least until you have finished this book! A rare combination of laugh-out-loud humor as well as thought provoking insights into the retirement decision. -Rob Anglea, Editor, The Guide to Early Retirement John and his wife Mary Kay now reside in Southern California. They have two grown children and two grandchildren. This book largely reflects John's retirement experiences.