How Many?

Christopher Danielson

  • Bindwijze: Hardcover
  • Taal: Engels
  • Categorie: Onderwijs & Didactiek
  • Uitgever: Stenhouse Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781625311825
A Counting Book
Verschijningsdatum:mei 2018
Aantal pagina's:36 pagina's
Aanbevolen leeftijd:8 - 12 jaar
Illustraties:Met illustraties
Auteur(s):Christopher Danielson
Auteur(s):Christopher Danielson


How Many? is not like other counting books. In How Many? there are multiple things to count on each page. Students might count one pair of shoes, or two shoes, or four corners of a shoebox. They might discuss whether two shoes have two shoelaces, or four. They might notice surprising patterns and relationships, and they will want to talk about them. In this accompanying Teacher's Guide, Christopher Danielson explores what deep mathematical ideas will bubble up in a How Many? conversation, such as counting, number language, units, grouping, partitioning, place value, and vocabulary. Throughout, he shares stories and excerpts from real classrooms where he facilitated How Many? discussions. Danielson helps teachers anticipate what students might notice and gives practical suggestions for facilitating rich conversations with students. Danielson's interest in students'; ideas is infectious, and readers will soon find themselves seeking out opportunities to ask young mathematicians, How Many?