Student Data Privacy

Linnette Attai

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  • Uitgever: Rowman & Littlefield
  • ISBN: 9781475837360
Building a School Compliance Program
Verschijningsdatum:juni 2018
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Auteur:Linnette Attai
Auteur:Linnette Attai


Protecting the privacy of student data when bringing technology into the classroom is one of the toughest organizational challenges facing schools and districts today. Parent and legislator concerns about how school systems protect the privacy of student data are at an all-time high. School systems must navigate complex federal and state regulations, understand how technology providers collect and protect student data, explain those complexities to parents, and provide the reassurance the community needs that the student information will remain safe. Student Data Privacy: Building a School Compliance Program provides solutions for all of these challenges and more. It is a step-by-step journey through the process of building the policies and practices to protect student data, and shifting the organizational culture to prioritize privacy while still taking advantage of the tremendous benefits that technology has to offer in the modern classroom.