The Photoshop Toolbox

Glyn Dewis

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  • Uitgever: Rocky Nook
  • ISBN: 9781681983950
Essential Techniques for Mastering Layer Masks, Brushes, and Blend modes
Verschijningsdatum:oktober 2018
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Auteur(s):Glyn Dewis
Auteur(s):Glyn Dewis


Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful image-editing applications ever created, but it is also widely thought to be difficult to learn, infinite in scope, and nearly impossible to master. For these reasons, many photographers choose to stay exclusively with Lightroom for all their photography needs. But for those photographers who subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan - which includes both Lightroom and Photoshop - to leave Photoshop unopened and unexplored is to deny yourself the ability to take your creativity and expression to a whole new level. In The Photoshop Toolbox, photographer and bestselling author Glyn Dewis breaks down Photoshop into just three main features: layer masks, brushes, and blend modes. Glyn has taught thousands online, in person, and through his bestselling books The Photoshop Workbook and Photograph Like a Thief. Over and over, he has recognized that once a user truly understands these three tools, there is nothing holding them back from achieving whatever they want to accomplish in Photoshop. With Glyn explaining not only the what but also the why behind layer masks, brushes, and blend modes, you're empowered to think beyond each specific example and to ask that all-powerful question, What would happen if I used that technique on this other image?