Moby Dick

Herman Melville

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  • ISBN: 6610000014095
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Heinle Reading Library - 1st Edition


'Call me Ishmael.'

Herman Melville's masterpiece, one of the greatest works of imagination in literary history. As Ishmael is drawn into Captain Ahab's obsessive quest to avenge and slay the white whale Moby-Dick,the whale that 'reaped' his leg, he finds himself engaged in a metaphysical struggle between good and evil. More than just a novel of adventure, more than an paean to whaling lore and legend, Moby-Dick is a haunting social commentary, populated by some of the most enduring characters in literature; the crew of the Pequod, from stern, Quaker First Mate Starbuck, to the tattooed Polynesian harpooner Queequeg.