Autoimmune Paleo Diet

Pamela Stevens

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The Secret of How to Stop the Hidden Autoimmune Rampage to Prevent and Reverse the Full Gamut of Autoimmune Disorders Today!
Verschijningsdatum:maart 2017
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Auteur:Pamela Stevens
Auteur:Pamela Stevens


Autoimmune disease is a condition that makes a person’s immune system to attack healthy cells in the body causing abnormal organ growth and changes the functionality of an organ which makes the body to produce antibodies that attack your body tissues thinking they are foreign substances. Autoimmune diseases are not easy to diagnose since they have so many with similar symptoms, which include inflammation in the affected area, weakness, dizziness, indigestion, skin patches, fatigue among others. The symptoms of autoimmune diseases vary with the type of disease and what parts they attack. It affects organs and tissues such as joints, muscles, blood vessels, red blood cells, skin, brain, endocrine glands and connective tissues. Autoimmune diseases run in families and affects mostly young women. The diseases are not completely curable but its symptoms can be suppressed by the right diet and medication. Autoimmune disease list include;• Psoriasis; this is an autoimmune disease that attacks the skin stimulating skin cells to reproduce rapidly hence producing red, scaly patches on the skin.• Hashimoto’s diseases; in this diseases, antibodies attack the thyroid glands causing low production of thyroid hormones hence resulting to inflammation of the thyroid gland. Individuals with this disease experience fatigue, weight gain, depression and dry skin.• Rheumatoid arthritis; it is one of the most common autoimmune diseases that causes inflammation, stiffness and pain on the joints. It affects the wrists, feet and hands.• Multiple sclerosis. This is a type of autoimmune disease where antibodies attack the nerves in the brain disrupting the flow of information in the brain. Some of the symptoms include blindness, poor coordination, and weakness.• Guillain bare syndrome; antibodies in the immune system attack the peripheral nerves and can cause paralysis. Symptoms include weakness in the hands and feet, numbness and tingling.• Grave’s disease; attacks the thyroid glands causing them to enlarge. The antibodies in the immune system cause too much production of thyroid glands.• Hemolytic anemia; is an autoimmune disease where red blood cells are destroyed and removed from the blood stream pre-maturely. This causes headache, dizziness and shortness of breath.• Autoimmune hepatitis; the body’s immune cells produce antibodies that attack cells of the liver causing inflammation in the liver. The symptoms include dark urine, pale-colored stool, liver swelling and abnormal blood vessels in the skin.Now, before I get ahead of myself, I will like you to take some action and get this book today and begin to avail yourself of the many tips to be autoimmune disease free for life! Yes, as you start implementing the tips in this book: Autoimmune Paleo Diet: The Secret of How to Stop the Hidden Autoimmune Rampage to Prevent and Reverse the Full Gamut of Autoimmune Disorders Today!