The Wonder Weeks Milestone Guide

Frans Plooij

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  • Taal: Engels
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  • ISBN: 9789491882173
Your Baby's Development, Sleep and Crying explained
Verschijningsdatum:september 2017
Aantal pagina's:160 pagina's
Auteur(s):Frans Plooij
Auteur(s):Frans Plooij


The TO-GO book covering all you need to know about your baby's physical, emotional and mental development, as well as sleep, crying, diet, stress, intelligence and health. It's practical, to the point but complete. Including: * Unique developmental charts; learn when the avarge age is when a baby is able to do something and what the minimum and maximum age is. * Fill-in schedules; get insight into yoru babys sleeping and crying behavior by filling in. Get an overview of your babys teething scedule. * Unique insights into babies' development. * Practical and concise information From the authors of the number one bestselling book on infant mental development The Wonder Weeks. While The Wonder Weeks is all about babies ten leaps in the first 20 month, The Wonder Weeks Milestone Guide informs parents on other topics than the mental health explained in The Wonder Weeks. Together they are the most complete resources for parents to turn to. One single book with all the answers why babies do what they do... All parents want to know about baby's: * physical development * sleep * crying * diet * emotional development * stress * intelligence * health The Wonder Weeks Milestone Guide is already a bestseller in Europe and on great demand it's now translated in English!