Power Rangers

Ramin Zahed

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  • Taal: Engels
  • Categorie: Literatuur & Romans
  • Uitgever: Insight Editions
  • ISBN: 9781683830221
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The Ultimate Visual History
Verschijningsdatum:september 2018
Aantal pagina's:192 pagina's
Illustraties:Met illustraties
Auteur(s):Ramin Zahed | Jody Revenson
Auteur(s):Ramin Zahed | Jody Revenson


Explore the history of Saban&;s Power Rangers with this exclusive collection of artwork, behind-the-scenes photos, interviews and more.

After the hit series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers launched in 1993, Saban&;s Power Rangers quickly became the most-watched children&;s television program in the United States. Today, more than two decades later, Power Rangers is one of the longest-running kids' action series in TV history and has become a global pop culture phenomenon.

Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History takes viewers on a fascinating behind-the-scenes tour of the Power Rangers franchise, from the conception of the television show to the present-day seasons, feature films, toys, video games, comic books, and more. This comprehensive collection features interviews with top creators, as well as some of the key writers and producers responsible for the iconic look and panache of the legendary superhero franchise. Special inserts, charts, art replications, and badges add special interest and collectibility to this fantastic tribute to the lasting legacy of the Power Rangers. A special chapter will also focus on the making of the new Power Rangers movie, which was released by Lionsgate in March 2017.