Family Therapy Manual

F Russell Crites Jr

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  • ISBN: 9781537551432
Promoting Healthy Family Life, Parenting and Responsibility Development
Verschijningsdatum:januari 2017
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Auteur:F Russell Crites Jr
Auteur:F Russell Crites Jr


Family therapy can be approached from a myriad of therapeutic styles or systems. The purpose of this manual was to provide the therapist with a number of assessments, strategies, techniqes and worksheets that could be used to help families in crisis or for those who simiply want to be happier and more functional in their family relationships.Within this manual are a multitude of therapy aids that can help counselors in their quest to assist hurting famliies. Some of the areas addressed are: • Family Roles and Rules Assessment • Parenting Style Assessments • Parenting Issues • How to Build a Healthy Family Environment • Modeling and Value Development • Parenting and Family Life • Communication and Problem Solving • Building Self-Esteem • Promoting Self-Judgment and Discipline • Positive Reinforcement • Communication and Discipline • Discipline Strategies • Combining Home and School Discipline