H Barnett

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  • ISBN: 9781536824087
Personalized Journals - Write in Books - Blank Books You Can Write in
Verschijningsdatum:augustus 2016
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Auteur:H Barnett
Auteur:H Barnett


Personalized Journals - Write In Books - Blank Books You Can Write InPaperback Quality – Large Format 8 1/2"x 11", 224 pagesThese personalized journals are the perfect gift to make someone feel special. Everything they write in their book is important! They can be serious, silly, jot down quick notes or be very detailed. They have the freedom to write with their favorite pen, crayons or a giant magic marker and to write about anything they want. The choice is always theirs. Hundreds of names available and the list keeps growing!Here are some ideas of what can be recorded in the journal book: Thoughts and Notes, Memories, Lists, Ideas, Your Life, Inspirations, Celebrations, Adventures and Experiences, Meeting or Class Notes, Reminders, To Do Lists, Vents and Complaints, Recipes, Logs for Health, Hobbies, Job Searches, Gratitude and Blessings, Resources such as Websites, Classes, People, Drawings and Illustrations – Sometimes One Drawing is Worth a Thousand Words, and whatever else they want to use it for.Featured Book Sections: Journal - RIGHT Journal Pages are lined and LEFT journal pages are unlined Make Your Own References – Record resources, contacts, websites, books, etc.These personalized journals make great gifts for birthdays, retirements, weddings, births, mother’s and father’s day, friendships, celebrations, events, recovery, travel, sports, business and hobbies. They can be given to family, friends, co-workers, your boss, neighbors, students, teachers, coaches, hosts, guests, mentors, volunteers, sports teams, YOU, etc.