Constipation Cure

Stephanie Ridd

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The Comprehensive Constipation Guide with Special Constipatio
Verschijningsdatum:juli 2016
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Auteur:Stephanie Ridd
Auteur:Stephanie Ridd


By and large, constipation may be defined as having fewer than three bowel movements per week. Besides that, this can also infer the passage of dry, hard stool or the passage of no stool at all. As a matter of fact, this typically occurs when the movement of feces through the large intestine is slow, as a result, allowing time for additional re-absorption of fluid from the large intestine. Well, to be specific, here are some associated signs that you may be having constipation: • Difficult evacuation of stool and increased effort or straining of the voluntary muscles of defecation. • The person may also have a feeling of incomplete stool evacuation after defecation. Thus, careful assessment of the person's habits is necessary to be able to know what caused constipation. Yes, bowel irregularity or constipation has been the problem of many, which is difficult but not impossible to prevent as it can actually be prevented. Constipation is the abrupt tightening of the intestine or sudden irregularity of the intestines to let the food go down to the anus for waste excretion.Though, it is characterized by intestinal aches and stomach pains caused by food in the stomach… well, the result is without doubt the difficulty in excreting waste product out of the body. Besides that, it is quite amazing that angry and prickly feelings can actually be linked to constipation as when you feel severe pains against your bladders; your mood can definitely not remain the same again. Yes, the truth is that constipation does affect one’s mood as the feeling of awkwardness and uneasiness cannot be over looked. But, bear in mind that this medical condition is known to affect about 2.5 million people on a yearly basis if we are to put into consideration the number of visits doctors receive on this issue alone. Besides, it has also been shown that women suffer more from this condition compared with the male folks especially during pregnancy. Without question, this is because the enlargement of the uterus or womb typically puts a lot of pressure on the intestines. • Do you usually find it difficult to pass stool each time you visit the restroom? • Do your stools typically appear lumpy and hard? • Do you feel you still need to go back to the toilet few minutes after leaving the restroom? • Do you habitually have less than three bowel movements per week? Now, if your response to the above questions is yes, then you are most likely suffering from constipation and I know you will need this book … yes, it promises to be of great help to you, and to any one with the condition! Just make sure you go through with a pen and paper to take note…. Get your copy today!