Summary - The Husband's Secret

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Novel by Liane Moriarty -- An Amazing Summary!
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Auteur:Founding Partner Alexander Cooper
Auteur:Founding Partner Alexander Cooper


The Husband's Secret: An Amazing Summary The Husband's Secret is a novel of betrayal, fake love, secrets and back-stabbing drama, written by Liane Moriarty. It is actually a modern novel about three women, which are involved by the murder case of a young girl, an event that occurred almost thirty years prior to the story of the novel. The main protagonist of the novel is a woman named Cecilia Fitzpatrick, who believes that what she lives, is a perfect life, a life totally under control. However, her picture of perfection in her life is shattered to pieces, when one day she accidentally finds a mysterious letter. This letter is addressed to her, but the author of the letter is none other than her husband John-Paul. She should not find this letter yet, however, it was intended for her to find it after her husband's death, but, impatient as she is, Cecilia immediately opens the letter and reads it. What she found in that letter will change her life for good; there her husband John-Paul confesses killing a young woman. Cecilia is now faced with a choice; either to turn her husband in or to remain quiet and to try to protect the integrity of her family. To be continued... Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Get YIn The Husband's Secret, you will get a detailed summary of the novel YIn The Husband's Secret, you will find some analysis to strengthen your knowledge about the book YIn The Husband's Secret, you will get some fun multiple choice quizzes, along with answers to help you learn about the novel. Get a copy, and learn everything about The Husband's Secret."