Couples Sex Positions - An Erotic Journey Into Intimacy

N D Wilson

  • Bindwijze: Paperback
  • Taal: Engels
  • Categorie: Gezin & Relaties
  • Uitgever: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • ISBN: 9781523909407
An Erotic Journey into Intimacy
Verschijningsdatum:februari 2016
Aantal pagina's:292 pagina's
Auteur:N D Wilson
Auteur:N D Wilson


Couples Sex Positions An Erotic Journey Into Intimacy makes it easy to guide your partner in the right direction because sex is such an integral part of having a healthy relationship. You have in your possession a great book to perfecting your situation. With the tips and positions provided in this book, you both will soon be craving sex daily! One of the easiest and most pleasurable ways to keep your sex life active, exciting, and – most importantly – spicy is to keep things new. This can be done through various forms of foreplay, open communication about likes and dislikes, and a willingness to explore new positions. This book will help you explore your sex life and keep things spicy in (and out!) of the bedroom. By experimenting together sexually and trying new things, you’ll discover how to raise the “heat between the sheets” and develop a greater level of intimacy Enjoy the thrill of new and exciting sex with your partner - feel the bonding that comes with trying new things and seeing each other in a new way!