Academic writing in English

Janene van Loon

  • Bindwijze: Paperback
  • Taal: Engels
  • Categorie: Taal
  • Uitgever: Coutinho
  • ISBN: 9789046905159
  • Review:
a process-based approach
Verschijningsdatum:maart 2016
Afmetingen:24 x 17 x 1,6 cm
Kaarten inbegrepen:Nee
Illustraties:Met illustraties
Auteur:Janene van Loon | Arnoud Thuss
Co-auteur:Arnoud Thuss
Co-auteur:Arnoud Thuss


Academic writing in English 2e editie is een boek van Janene van Loon uitgegeven bij Coutinho. ISBN 9789046905159

Academic writing is a major challenge for students taking courses that are taught through the medium of English. Not only do they have to create good academic texts, but they also have to write those texts in correct English. Not much literature has been produced for this specific group of students: Dutch books do not usually deal with English language issues; English books on academic writing are aimed at native speakers; and books dealing with English language learning pay limited attention to academic writing issues. Academic writing in English fills this gap.

The book is written in English and stimulates students to write texts, think about structural issues and acquire academic vocabulary. The chapters in the book follow the phases in the writing process, from preparation and planning to the writing of drafts and finally editing. During each phase, the specific aspects of content and structure which are relevant at that moment are highlighted and practised. Students are exposed to high-quality models of academic writing, accompanied by a large number of exercises which enable them to develop their proficiency in written English from B2 to C1 level. Using peer review techniques, students are encouraged to scrutinize each other's texts and become more critical of their own writing.