Dealing with an Uncooperative Ex-Wife for the Single Daddy

Nick & Thomas

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Strategies to Deal with a Difficult Ex-Wife and Start Co-Parenting Better
Verschijningsdatum:januari 2015
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Auteur:Nick & Thomas
Auteur:Nick & Thomas


Is Your Ex-Wife Creating Problems After The Divorce?

There are some single fathers out there who have to deal with totally uncooperative ex-wives. The ex-wife purposely make life difficult for them because of the hurt of the divorce.

This makes the children suffer and the single father becomes unsettled. An uncooperative ex-wife creates tons of problems and makes your life difficult, even after the divorce.

In Dealing With An Uncooperative Ex-Wife For The Single Daddy, Nick Thomas written a guide that helps you deal with such uncooperative ex-wife. From this book, he has seek the opinion of various other single fathers who have dealt with such problems and written a short guide that would help you gain a better strategy for dealing with her.

From this book, you would learn how to effectively deal with the ex-wife and make co-parenting easier for the both of you.

This book covers areas such as:-
  • What Problems Can Your Ex-Wife Create?
  • Understand The ‘Character Trap’ Your Ex-Wife Is In
  • Importance Of Picking Your Battles With The Ex-Wife
  • Basic Steps To Dealing With The Ex-Wife
  • Whether Or Not You Should Take Legal Action

From this book, you would know what actions to take when dealing with an uncooperative ex-wife. You would also make her become more reasonable and listen to your point of view.

If you are interested to deal with your ex-wife better, than this book would help you a lotttt…

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Disclaimer: This book focuses specifically on dealing with an uncooperative ex-wife. Nick has purposely written a short guide so single fathers can read it fast and apply the tips immediately into their lives.