Mr Ramswamy Thanu

  • Bindwijze: Paperback
  • Taal: Engels
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  • ISBN: 9781515330691
The Rejuvenator
Verschijningsdatum:augustus 2015
Afmetingen:22,9 x 15,2 x 0,3 cm
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Auteur:Mr Ramswamy Thanu
Auteur:Mr Ramswamy Thanu


The book seeks to explain some prevailing notions, fears and beliefs about death and to emphasize the positive aspects with a framework to face it boldly. Throughout the book death is explained in the context of a person of advanced age and who undergoes natural death. Generally People having realized the inevitability of this event become panicky while entertaining thoughts of death. This event of change occurs in all living organisms after undergoing various stages as birth, growth, decay, and disease. Death caps all these and dispenses with the body once for all. The organs gradually weaken and after becoming non responsive to even the most modern medicines, surrender totally to the phenomenon of death. The same body, which once was nurtured, cared and protected, now becomes redundant and looks horrible demanding immediate removal and disintegration. How one faces death depends on how one has utilized his faculties of mind body and intellect during the interval between birth and death i.e. living on this planet? The action to build the fortress of strength to face death has to start at an early stage by adopting a practical, desirable healthy life style. The inevitability of death and leaving behind all material possessions ultimately in this world has to be firmly understood and kept in mind. The important aspects and factors for such a life style are briefly discussed. People have to derive consolation, comfort, and peace from spiritual, strength available in abundance in scriptures like the Bhagavad-Gita which asserts," You have only the right to do your duty, not the fruits of actions". Such an attitude gives you inner happiness and the strength to face any calamity including death with courage and equanimity. It is essential to cultivate the feeling ‘one is not the body and that one never dies’. The spirit has no death and the person would do well and be happy to attach himself (mind) to the spirit. He who knows he is not the body does not die. Friends and relatives should allow the patient to die peacefully. Instead of getting panicky and creating commotion they should realize the inevitability of death and wait for the ultimate moment peacefully. The Hindu way of life is a great source of help and inspiration in gathering courage to face death.