Intimate Partner Violence

Angelo Giardino, Md, Phd, Mph, Faap

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  • ISBN: 9781936590056
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A Resource for Professionals Working With Children and Families
Verschijningsdatum:januari 2010
Aantal pagina's:401 pagina's
Ebook formaat:Adobe ePub
Auteur:Angelo Giardino, Md, Phd, Mph, Faap | Eileen Giardino, Rn, Phd, Aprn, Fnp, Anp
Co-auteur:Eileen Giardino, Rn, Phd, Aprn, Fnp, Anp
Co-auteur:Eileen Giardino, Rn, Phd, Aprn, Fnp, Anp
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400 pages, 93 images, 28 contributors

Intimate Partner Violence is a resource for a wide range of professionals who work with children and families, from specialists working in social services, counseling, education, and child advocacy to experts in the fields of medicine, law enforcement, and mental health. Contents include contemporary concepts and research on the prevalence, nature, causes, and impact of IPV—a pervasive problem in our society that affects adults and children and crosses all socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic boundaries. The text addresses not only the initial impact on the victims, but also the consequences IPV has in later life and in subsequent generations as learned behaviors lead to a cycle of family violence. The intent is not a comprehensive clinical and forensic reference text meant exclusively for medical and technical professionals, it is a resource that provides a thorough overview to assist managers, supervisors, directors, and other front-line professionals who have the responsibility of setting and implementing policies in making informed and effective decisions.

Written by a diverse group of professionals that spans the child protection spectrum, Intimate Partner Violence serves an ideal introduction to the destructive, yet ubiquitous problem and also a valuable reinforcement of knowledge for experts who treat and deal with the pernicious effects of IPV, which often include child maltreatment, on a daily basis. This resource is the culmination of the foremost authorities on the subject of intimate partner violence, commonly referred to as domestic abuse. Including chapters with dedicated focuses on relevant topics such as screening and identifying IPV in health care settings, dating violence, children who witness violence, the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner response, mental health aspects, and many others, this resource is an easily accessible, general guide that comprehensively covers the multiple aspects of intimate partner violence.