Why Government Fails So Often

Peter H. Schuck

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  • Uitgever: Princeton University Press
  • ISBN: 9780691168531
And How It Can Do Better
Verschijningsdatum:augustus 2015
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Auteur(s):Peter H. Schuck | Peter Schuck
Auteur(s):Peter H. Schuck | Peter Schuck


From healthcare to workplace and campus conduct, the federal government is taking on ever more responsibility for managing our lives. At the same time, Americans have never been more disaffected with Washington, seeing it as an intrusive, incompetent, wasteful giant. Ineffective policies are caused by deep structural factors regardless of which party is in charge, bringing our government into ever-worsening disrepute. Understanding why government fails so often--and how it might become more effective--is a vital responsibility of citizenship. In this book, lawyer and political scientist Peter Schuck provides a wide range of examples and an enormous body of evidence to explain why so many domestic policies go awry--and how to right the foundering ship of state. An urgent call for reform, Why Government Fails So Often is essential reading for anyone curious about why government is in such a disgraceful state and how it can do better.