The Happy Couple Playbook

Jim Hamilton

  • Bindwijze: Paperback
  • Taal: Engels
  • Categorie: Mens & Maatschappij
  • Uitgever: Library Tales Publishing
  • ISBN: 9780692320099
Verschijningsdatum:december 2014
Aantal pagina's:80 pagina's
Auteur:Jim Hamilton
Auteur:Jim Hamilton


American Football is the most popular professional sport in North America, generating annual revenues of over $9 billion. From August through February, millions of fans attend or watch these games and spend the rest of the year talking about them. But it doesn't stop there. Bridging the periods of watching the contests is the constant media coverage, fantasy leagues, merchandise purchasing, and time, men's time, engaged in all things football. Which bears the question: How can the average male football fan watch, spend, think, and talk about America's Game and still keep his eye on one of the most important games of his life-his marriage? The male fascination with the National Football League (NFL) games presents some interesting challenges and terrific opportunities in the National Marriage League - the NML, the league those men became a member of by simply saying, "I do." Those challenges and opportunities are the focus of this book, The Happy Couple Playbook: Football Strategies for Winning the Marriage Game. This book is a football fan's guide on how to keep a happy wife and live a happy life. It will show you how to win the game that really counts: the game of marriage. Similar to a well-constructed play, The Happy Couple Playbook will resonate with football fans everywhere (men and women). This book is peppered with recognizable terms to get your attention, and delivered with brevity that will hold it. The Happy Couple Playbook will help everyone score consistently and change the game from couples competing, to ensuring they are on the same team...the winning team.