Domestic Violence Safety Plan

Kellie Jo Holly

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  • ISBN: 9781505850178
A Comprehensive Plan That Will Keep You Safer Whether You Stay or Leave
Verschijningsdatum:december 2014
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Auteur:Kellie Jo Holly
Auteur:Kellie Jo Holly


Kellie Jo Holly compiled ''Domestic Violence Safety Plan - A comprehensive plan that will keep you safer whether you stay or leave'' after reviewing several safety plans available from domestic violence programs across the United States. She found the plans to be useful, but no plan was comprehensive, so Kellie decided to create the safety plan she wished someone had given her. This is the second edition of that comprehensive safety plan and it includes planning for social network use after leaving the abusive relationship.This is a comprehensive domestic violence and abuse safety planning workbook. It is designed to keep you safer whether you choose to leave or remain in your abusive relationship or marriage. It is as important to protect yourself from the unseen abuses as well as the bruises you will most certainly receive if you choose to stay in your abusive relationship. Verbal, mental, and emotional abuse is domestic violence - you need a plan to keep your body and mind safe. If you already experienced physical assault, it is important to leave the relationship as soon as you can. However, leaving immediately and permanently may not always be possible. The goal of this safety plan is to keep you safer until you can, or decide to, permanently leave your abuser.Many people recommend this Domestic Violence Safety Plan to counselors, crisis line volunteers, nurses and triage workers, domestic violence groups and anyone who regularly talks with victims of domestic violence and abuse. Kellie wants victims of abuse to use this plan as the first step to healing from domestic violence and abuse.