Chromecast User Guide

Lisa Thompson

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  • ISBN: 9781505446647
A Step by Step User Manual for Beginners
Verschijningsdatum:december 2014
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Auteur:Lisa Thompson
Auteur:Lisa Thompson


Chromecast looks like your average pen driver that only has the Chrome logo, but it is much more than that. It is a digital media streaming device developed by Google that lets you enjoy your favorite YouTube videos and other media from your phone, computer or tablet onto your TV. It serves as a channel to show internet content you want to see on a bigger screen, like your high definition TV. With an inexpensive price of $35, people might think that Chromecast does not offer as much, but it actually does. It is much more powerful than any Smart TV HDMI dongle available in the market because it is supported by Google and its subsidiaries. “CHROMECAST USER GUIDE: A Step by Step User Manual for Beginners” helps you get started on how to use this device and maximize its usage.Inside this book you’ll learn: What the Chromecast is? Why you should get it? Why is it better than Apple TV or Roku? Step by Step Guide on how to set up your Chromecast Apps and websites that work on Chromecast How to watch any web content on your Chromecast Watch restricted access internet video Watch your own movie How to cast your entire computer screen How to cast music, photos, and video from your iOS or Android mobile device How to use your iOS or Android device as a remote control for your Chromecast More ways to use your Chromecast Chromecast tricks And so much more Get a copy and discover what the Chromecast device is all about and how it can take your entertainment pleasure to the next level!