Survival Basics 2 - The Prepper’s Pantry: Survival Food Basics

Bill Cobb

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Survival Basics, #2
Oorspronkelijke releasedatum:19 januari 2016
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Hoofdauteur:Bill Cobb
Hoofdauteur:Bill Cobb
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Prepping, Pantry, and Food Preservation - Save Your Family!

Preppers know that one of the most important things in their stockpile is a steady source of food. But most people just go out to the store and waste money buying a bunch of boxed garbage that isn't healthy and won't provide the proper nutrients you need to survive any situation.

But there is a much better way - building a Prepper's Pantry!

With this guide, you'll learn the ins and outs of creating the perfect survival pantry for any survival situation. You'll learn:

- What exactly prepping is
- Why you should worry about building a Prepper's Pantry
- The many benefits of Food Storage basics
- Common Food Storage Meethods
- What equipment you'll need to do it the right way
- How to Store Different Types of Foods
- Much, much more!

So, don't wait. Pick up The Prepper’s Pantry today and get started right away. You and your family's safety may just depend on it!