Teens and Taxes

Carol Topp

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  • Uitgever: Smashwords Edition
  • ISBN: 9781465892508
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Auteur:Carol Topp
Auteur:Carol Topp
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If you are a parent of a teenager, you may be wondering…

Does my teenager need to file a tax return?

Can my teen still be a dependent on my tax return?

Will my teenager get a tax refund?

What should I do if my teenager receives a form 1099MISC?

How much can a teenager make before they owe taxes?

What is the kiddie tax? Does it apply to us?

What if my teenage is paid in cash? Do they still pay tax on it?

What if my son is told he is being paid "under the table"?

Parents of teenagers find taxes confusing. They don't have time to read about taxes for teenagers. The IRS doesn't gather all the information about teenagers in one place. It's scattered all over the IRS website and regulations.

Cut through the confusion. Learn about the taxes that affect teenagers in s an easy-to-understand ebook.

Here is the TABLE of CONTENTS

Chapter 1: Why Are Taxes So Confusing?

Chapter 2: Real Life Examples to Clear the Confusion

Chapter 3: Taxes for Employees

Chapter 4: Independent Contractor: Fancy Title for a Job

Chapter 5: A Business Owner: Living the American Dream

Chapter 6: Household Employee: The New Title for Babysitter

Chapter 7: Watch Out for the Kiddie Tax

Chapter 8: Frequently Asked Questions

You need the Teens and Taxes ebook if:

Your teenager makes money by running a business

Your teenager gets a Form 1099MISC in the mail

Your teenager has income tax withheld from working as an employee

You saved and invested money for their college expenses and it is earning interest or dividends

Your child's college fund has increased and you sell some of the stock, bonds or mutual funds in the account

You are unsure if your teenager's income should be reported on your tax return

You hate reading confusing documents at the IRS website

You accountant tries to explain taxes, but you leave more confused than ever!