Traveling to the Wild South

Pan Parks Foundation

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  • ISBN: 9781626759053
Traveling to Europe’s Last Remaining Wilderness Series, Vol.1
Oorspronkelijke releasedatum:15 mei 2013
Ebook Formaat:Adobe ePub
Hoofdauteur:Pan Parks Foundation
Hoofdauteur:Pan Parks Foundation
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Discover Europe's last remaining wilderness with this unique series of PAN Parks travel guides. In this first volume, the most incredible areas of wilderness from Southern Europe are presented: Majella National Park (Italy) and Peneda-Geres National Park (Portugal). All revenues obtained from the selling of this travel guide will be used to fund the conservation projects of the PAN Parks Foundation, the leading organization working for the protection of Europe's last remaining wilderness. This travel guide is addressed to all nature enthusiasts and tourists interested in active vacations in nature. It provides reliable and accurate information on these two national parks, members of the PAN Parks network for their great wilderness, and guides the reader through their incredible natural and cultural heritage, including the best ways to explore them from a sustainable perspective, focusing on those activities that have minimum impact on the environment.