76 Anti-Aging Tips To Help You Feel, Look, and Act Younger

Maria Chan

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  • Uitgever: Bonafide Media
  • ISBN: 9781497773271
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Auteur:Maria Chan
Auteur:Maria Chan
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There are few things more shocking then looking in the mirror and seeing your mother staring back at you. When did this happen? Weren't you in your twenties just a few years ago?

Most of us look back and say, ''Where did the time go?'' Along with the realization that time is flying by; we also think, ''How can I make it slow down?''

True youthfulness radiates from the inside. In the book we're going to discuss tips to make your outward appearance and inward spirit stay as youthful as possible. When you look good on the outside it's a lot easier to feel happy on the inside. It's a big circle.