Critical Perspectives on Black Education

Noelle Witherspoon Arnold

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  • ISBN: 9781623967482
Spirituality, Religion and Social Justice
Verschijningsdatum:juni 2014
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Auteur:Noelle Witherspoon Arnold
Redacteur:Noelle Witherspoon Arnold
Co-redacteur:Melanie C. Brooks
Co-redacteur:Melanie C. Brooks


While nation engages in debates concerning central issues of religion and religious diversity in education, the historic saliency of religion and spirituality in the Black community and in the education of its children continues to be largely ignored. Historically, religion and spirituality were foundational to the development and understanding of social justice issues, including, but not limited to, issues of protest, community up-lift, notions of care, and anti-oppression. Taking into account the historical significance of religion and spirituality in the Black community, it is essential for education scholars to cultivate these long-standing connections as a means for advancing contemporary struggles for social justice, religiosity in education, and counter-hegemonic praxis. The purpose of this book is to expand our understanding of spirituality and religion as related to the p-20 schooling of Black students. Educational scholarship continues to explore the workings of social justice to ameliorate inequities for those who have not been wellserved in schools. Although the concept of social justice remains a somewhat inchoate term in educational literature, this book seeks to explore the historicity of religion and spirituality while offering a scaffold that links ordinary everyday acts of justice, religion, and spirituality in education to a culture that systematically and institutionally assaults the worth of Black students. It is important to note that this book is grounded in a broad concept of religion and spirituality and the editors seek to be inclusive of all types, styles, and traditions of religiosity and spirituality.