Ten Conversations You Must Have With Your Son

Dr. Tim Hawkes

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  • Uitgever: Hachette Australia
  • ISBN: 9780733631894
Verschijningsdatum:juni 2014
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Ebook formaat:Adobe ePub
Auteur:Dr. Tim Hawkes | Tim Hawkes
Co-auteur:Tim Hawkes
Co-auteur:Tim Hawkes
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Empowering parents to mentor and prepare their sons for life.

Every parent of a teenage boy knows there are certain conversations they must have with their son. But too often they put them off - or don't have them at all - because they simply don't know where to start. Internationally recognised in the field of raising and educating boys, Dr Tim Hawkes provides practical, accessible and invaluable advice about how to get these discussions started.

Helping parents to negotiate their way through what can be difficult territory, Dr Hawkes explores the why, what and how of ten key topics: love, identity, values, leadership, achievement, sex, money, health, living together and resilience. For each topic, Dr Hawkes offers ideas about how parents can share their own experiences, values and knowledge with their sons.

This book will help you prepare your son for adulthood.

**'this book is a starting point - of starting conversations that should be had in a fast-paced world' - Martina Simos, Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, Adelaide Advertiser

'[Hawkes] reassure[s] parents they actually hold the answers to unleashing well adjusted men into the world' - Armadale Examiner (10/07/2014)

'Parents of boys should grab a copy Dr Tim Hawkes' book' - Sunday Canberra Times**