Economic Development

Michael Todaro

  • Bindwijze: Paperback
  • Taal: Engels
  • Categorie: Economie & FinanciĆ«n
  • Uitgever: Pearson Education Limited
  • ISBN: 9781292002972
Druk:12th edition
Verschijningsdatum:augustus 2014
Afmetingen:Afmeting: 25,4 x 20,3 x 3 cm
Aantal pagina's:890 pagina's
Auteur(s):Michael Todaro | Stephen Smith | Stephen Smith
Auteur(s):Michael Todaro | Stephen Smith | Stephen Smith
Originele Titel:Economic Development


For courses on economic development Accessible theory, relevant policy issues, and the latest data and research, in the context of a thorough introduction to the developing world. Economic Development, - the leading textbook in this field - provides students with a complete and balanced introduction to the requisite theory, driving policy issues, and latest research. Todaro and Smith take a policy-oriented approach, presenting economic theory in the context of critical policy debates and country-specific case studies, to see how theory relates to the problems and prospects of developing countries. New to this edition * Findings Boxes - new intuitive introductions to important recent research * Global Crisis - up-to-date challenges and opportunities for developing countries * Policy Analysis and case studies - review great progress in many developing countries, plus big challenges such as violent conflict and climate change; insights from comparative case studies such as Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras.