Temper Tantrum Solutions

Maggie Reigh

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  • ISBN: 9781497347823
Helping Children Handle Frustrations
Verschijningsdatum:april 2014
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Auteur:Maggie Reigh
Auteur:Maggie Reigh


This 6-piece kit will show you how to put an end to temper tantrums, and how to bring peace into your home! Stress and anxiety are creating physical, emotional and mental health problems for people of all ages. The numbers of children that are affected by stress is growing. The activities in this kit will provide you with the foundational skills to help you and your children handle stress. The kit contains an activity guide, entitled "Temper Tantrum Solutions: Helping Children Handle Frustrations," as well as a full-color children's book, entitled "Wee Bree and the Grand Shopping Spree." Both were written by Maggie Reigh, B.T., B.Ed., international speaker and the author of the highly-acclaimed book and program entitled "9 Ways to Bring out the Best in You and Your Child." This 6-piece kit also provides for a free download of the following:• Delightful CD audio tracks that children love to listen to. Recordings include musical accompaniment and chimes so children can turn the pages themselves• Lively and entertaining interview with Maggie Reigh, which gives parents the tools and information to confidently manage and prevent temper tantrums• Children’s song to help children stomp and wiggle out their frustrations in a fun way• Flash Storybook, entitled Wee Bree & the Grand Shopping Spree, which can be played on a computer, laptop or notepad• Coloring Book entitled Wee Bree & the Grand Shopping Spree