Create Your Retirement

Barbara M. Walker

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  • Taal: Engels
  • Categorie: Gezondheid & Lichaam
  • Uitgever: Trafford Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781412249638
55 Ways to Empower the Rest of Your Life
Verschijningsdatum:november 2002
Ebook formaat:Adobe PDF
Auteur:Barbara M. Walker
Auteur:Barbara M. Walker
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Why this book? Most books on Retirement are really about Financial Planning or Estate Planning. Not this book!

This book is about creating a fulfilling life in retirement; it is a crossover book between self-help and retirement.

Create Your Retirement: 55 Valuable Ways to Empower the Rest of Your Life entices people to set out their hidden dreams, to reveal their lost hopes and to admit their secret desires, and then to plan a life to include them!

This book encourages risk taking, honesty, and trusting yourself and others to make a fulfilling life in retirement.

This book is aimed at those already retired, and it entices the Baby Boomers who are now retiring in ever increasing numbers. These Baby Boomers have had everything, done everything and will continue to be a driving force in their retirement.

They also have a deep hunger to be fulfilled. Many of them have led fast, hectic, shallow lives and they have never explored their souls or their dreams. This book invites them to do both!

Create Your Retirement: 55 Valuable Ways to Empower the Rest of Your Life encompasses my own experience. I have retired twice AND I am having the time of my life doing the things I've always wanted to do - following my dreams!

I know that retirement can be the most fulfilling time of life. My coaching clients have left their stereotypical thinking behind, thrown off their insecurities and fears to do great things!

They have become computer literate, published authors, public speakers and lay preachers. Some have traveled to places they had always dreamed about, others have stepped into roles with family and friends in important new ways that have given them a sense of self-worth and deep feelings of fulfillment.

Retirement is a time of living and doing exciting things; it is a time of loving and helping others, and it is about finding the 'real you' within and manifesting that in all its glory!

For more information about the book please visit www.bmwalker.com.