Deep Sex

Diana Anderson

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  • Taal: Engels
  • Categorie: Mens & Maatschappij
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  • ISBN: 9781482361919
How to Achieve Your Ultimate Orgasm
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Auteur:Diana Anderson
Auteur:Diana Anderson


All orgasms are not created equally. The art of the female climax, long shrouded in mystery and elusive for many women, is made accessible in this down-to-earth, illuminating text. Author and intimacy coach, Diana Anderson presents the essential ingredients and chemistry necessary to achieve advanced orgasmic experience and deep connection with your partner. Written with the express purpose of enhancing women’s sex lives and strengthening the bonds in their relationships, Deep Sex discusses the health-giving pleasures of sex in simple terms for the modern woman, engaging the reader with provocative concepts, tips and techniques to enhance love-making. Filled with specific exercises and penetrating insight, this straightforward guide to the art of sensuality sheds light on ancient, little understood concepts like Kundalini energy, describing many levels of ecstatic sexual embrace and fun ideas to practice in the bedroom. The book’s unpretentious approach to the many benefits of exceptional sexual climax brings new perspectives to the potentials of invigorating orgasms and reveals fun climaxes to reach for in your love life with names like Lightning Bolt Delight, To the Moon and Back and The Long Country Mile. Deep Sex is bound to shift your appreciation for the ultimate sensual moment, enhancing your authentic expression of sensual beauty.