Blow His Mind

Melinda Holmes

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  • Taal: Engels
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  • ISBN: 9781491010570
Her Illustrated Guide to Sensational Oral Sex, Give Him the Best Blow Job of His Life! Master Advanced Fellatio Tonight
Verschijningsdatum:juli 2013
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Auteur:Melinda Holmes
Auteur:Melinda Holmes


Do you want to do a better job pleasing your man?

Does he have trouble getting excited enough when you’re ''down there''?

Are you leery of putting your mouth ''there'', and want to know more first?

Those are all perfectly reasonable questions to ask, and those answers and more can be found inBlow His Mind, the HOT new guide by the renowned erotic author Melinda Holmes. She sharesthe secrets of erotic arts professionals who advise everyday women how they can incorporate the practice of fellatio into their love lives andtease heightened interest from their love partners.

In a dramatic and sexy format, Melinda Holmes reveals to the reader the easy to follow practices that can lead to a better, more enduring love affair with a long term amour or a new guy in their life.SEXY, FUN and UNABASHEDLYHOT, this helpful guide blows all others off the book racks!

Millions of women long to freshen their relationship, to add a spark of excitement to the ‘same old same old,’ or bring something new to a new relationship. We all feel the need, and Melinda Holmes satisfies it for us in this guide for happiness-seekers.

This book will be a lifeline to a long-term, lasting relationship for countless women, apath to a satisfying love life, and help you to develop a bursting-with-happiness partnership with your man (or men!)

Melinda Holmes is the pseudonym of a best selling authoress with numerous awards and popular acclaim for the quality and popularity of her erotic fiction and non-fiction.

In this guide, this bestselling women’s fiction author teaches you to:
  • Rewardingly navigate the amazing complexity of what looks like a simple part of a man’s body.
  • Make your man a better lover by extending his ability to orgasm and even achieve multiple orgasms –with just your mouth!
  • Discover the many little moves that can bring him pleasure – with hardly any effort on your part – and the gratitude that you’ll reap.
  • Be so good at fellatio that he’ll beg you for it – and how that benefits you sexually!
  • Understand numerous techniques of ''giving head'' that won’t make you gag, but WILL make him think that you’re amazing.
  • Discover that, to a man, WHERE you give a blow job is often as exciting as how you do it! – and where those places are.

And much, MUCH more – the exciting lessons in the techniques and methods of an intimate oral experience for you and your lover are brought to life through the real life experiences of Melinda Holmes’ many readers.

Join her in this exciting and informative guide!

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