Fun Facts About Babies

Richard Torregrossa

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  • ISBN: 9780307569530
Strange Truths, Amazing Revelations, and Helpful Hints
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Auteur:Richard Torregrossa
Auteur:Richard Torregrossa
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Did you know that:

Babies tears caused by crankiness have a different chemical composition than those caused by eye irritants? One soothes with stress hormones, the other cleanses with a saline solution.

A fetus develops a sense of touch at eight weeks and fingerprints at three months.

The peak months for delivering babies are July, August, and September; which means that the sexiest months are November, December, and January.

This little book is for parents, expectant parents, and baby lovers alike. With charmingly illustrated, fascinating facts and truly useful information, this book reveals what an amazing creature a baby is. It will be of special value to new parents who are wondering how their ''little bundle of joy'' turned into a 24-hour-a-day ''need machine.'' Turn to any page, read any brief, amusing tidbit, and reconnect with the delight of babyhood.