Forensic Chemistry

Suzanne Bell

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  • ISBN: 9781292020440
Pearson New International Edition
Druk:2nd edition
Verschijningsdatum:juli 2013
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Auteur:Suzanne Bell
Auteur:Suzanne Bell


Written specifically for the undergraduate course in Forensic Chemistry, Bell's Forensic Chemistry, Second Edition provides a solid foundation for basic chemistry, introducing chemical concepts and practices from a forensic perspective (including multivariate statistics, quality assurance/quality control, and protocols used in working forensic laboratories). It offers students insight into the legal context in which forensic chemistry is conducted, the variety of types of samples and matrices, and extensive use of instrumentation they will likely encounter in the lab and future professions. KEY TOPICS: Introduction and Overview- Chemistry and the Law; Foundations; Quality Assurance and Quality Control; Reporting Defensible Uncertainty and Obtaining Representative Samples; Chemical Fundamentals: Partitioning, Equilibria, and Acid/ Base Chemistry; Instrumentation; Drugs as Physical Evidence: Seized Drugs and Their Analysis; Forensic Drug Analysis II: Selected Drug Classes; Drugs in the Body; Forensic Toxicology; The Chemistry of Combustion and Arson; Explosives; Firearms and Associated Chemical Evidence; The Chemistry of Colors and Colorants; The Chemistry of Polymers; Forensic Analysis of Inks and Paints; Chemical Analysis of Materials I: Paper, Fibers, and Plastic. MARKET: A useful reference for forensic chemistry topics.