Penis Massage - Advanced Techniques to Sexually Please a Man

Francisco Bujan

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  • ISBN: 9781466409538
Advanced Techniques to Sexually Please a Man
Verschijningsdatum:oktober 2011
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Auteur(s):Francisco Bujan
Auteur(s):Francisco Bujan


Many couples feel stacked in their love life - If you are a woman and your partner didn't touch you in years, what do you do? How can you bring back erotic play in your relationship? - This book gives you core essential techniques to get your partner excited again - I don't think that ANY MAN would be able to resist the pleasures that this type of approaches triggers - They are so powerful and so unknown by the vast majority of women and men out there - Why is that? Because sex is still VERY taboo - Information on what works and what doesn't with sexual behaviors does not circulate freely - On top of that, people are often ashamed by their desires and sexual needs - They try to suppress them instead of embracing them - So, here is what I suggest, get these techniques and start using them in your couple to multiply the passion and complicity in your relationship - I will share with you... A simple technique that instantly boost how much sex you have in your couple - How to give feed back when you like something - How to master ejaculation control - A simple ingredient that triples the pleasure any man gets from a lingam massage - Why so many couples fail in keeping sexual play alive - The key mistake women make when massaging a man's lingam - How to take control and lead an erotic play session - and so much more - So many people out there are frustrated because they feel their partner under performs in the bedroom - They want THIS but have no idea how to ask for it - If you are a guy and long to get your wife or girlfriend to be more erotically creative and develop skills to please you WAY better, get this for her - If you are a woman and your partner struggles with performance anxiety and ejaculates too fast, teach him these sex mastery techniques - If your couple is sexually bored and needs to wake up erotic play again, this is THE book to read TOGETHER - In fact I believe that ANYONE who is serious about mastering their sex life SHOULD read this - These are the erotic play strategies you should have discovered a long time ago - It will give you a new edge in your sex life that you will love and remember for ever