Barcelona Brownsville: Life In The Hood

Alquan Pinkard

  • Bindwijze: E-book
  • Taal: Engels
  • Uitgever: Pacific Lane Publishing
  • ISBN: 9780984020478
Life In The Hood
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Auteur:Alquan Pinkard
Auteur:Alquan Pinkard


Barcelona Brownsville: Life in the Hood is a book based on true events. It is about a young African American street kid, who tries to make it out of the ghetto before death knocks on his door. He must sell drugs to make money and carry a gun to protect himself while dodging the crooked cops. This book takes you through a journey on how a drug dealing kid escapes the concrete jungle, gun shots, grimy females, jail and death while living in Brooklyn's dirtiest, poorest, highest crime rate neighborhood of Brownsville. Barcelona Brownsville takes you through his journey of now living in rural Pennsylvania while having a second home in Hawai`i where there is almost no crime. He now makes an honest living, gainfully employed and no longer has to worry about his past life where he once lived a precarious and dangerous life in the hood.