Alfalfa extract as a plant growth regulator

Tafesse Kibatu Shikur

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Response of Troyer Citrange(Citrus Sinensis X Poncirus Trifoliata)seedlings to Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa L.)crude extract
Verschijningsdatum:september 2012
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Auteur(s):Tafesse Kibatu Shikur
Auteur(s):Tafesse Kibatu Shikur


Citrus seedlings are generally slower in growth when compared with other major fruits. It is clear that the more the seedlings stay in the nursery the more difficult it would be to fulfill required nursery activities such as protecting the seedlings from environmental hazards and diseases. In addition rapid growth rate will reduce the cost of nursery operations and enable fast virus indexing. Triacontanol, a common constituent of plant waxes, was shown to be an active growth substance, which at nanomolar concentrations increased the growth and yield of crops. However, these synthetic growth regulators are expensive and not available in developing countries. Growth stimulating effect of alfalfa has been documented by mulching or watering plant with an extract prepared by socking in water. Two experiments were conducted in two sites. The result of the study have revealed that seedling length, number of leaves, seedling diameter, dry weight and leaf area of Troyer Citrange can be increased by manipulating socking time and application intervals of alfalfa water extract and amount of alfalfa mulch.