Vermicompost and Npk on Wheat

Mohammad Saiful Islam Bhuiyan

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growth, chemical composition and yield
Verschijningsdatum:september 2012
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Auteur(s):Mohammad Saiful Islam Bhuiyan | Nurul Islam | Hoque, Sirajul
Auteur(s):Mohammad Saiful Islam Bhuiyan | Nurul Islam | Hoque, Sirajul


A field experiment was done at SAU Farm, in winter(10 Nov. 2004-07 Mar.2005)to investigate the effect of vermicompost and NPK (Nitorgen+Phosphorous+Potassium) on the growth, chemical composition and yield of wheat. The experimental soil was silty clay, pH 6.0. The treatments were 4 levels of vermicomposts viz. V0 (0 t ha-1), V1 (1 t ha-1), V2 (2 t ha-1), V3 (3 t ha-1), and 4 levels of fertilizers viz. F0 = (0-0-0 kg ha-1), F1 = low (40-30-20 kg ha-1), F2 = medium (80-60-40 kg ha-1), F3 = high (120-80-60 kg ha-1) of N-P2O5-K2O with 16 treatments combinations and 3 replications. The results showed that with increasing the doses of vermicomposts and fertilizers increased grain and straw yield significantly up to a level. The maximum significant grain and straw yields were obtained with the treatment combinations V3F2 or V2F3. The highest doses of vermicompost and chemical fertilizers increased N, P, K and S concentrations in wheat plant significant at different stages of plant growth and also enhanced N, P, K and S uptake significantly at the ripening stage. Chemical fertilizers failed to increase organic matter in post harvest soil, but vermicomposts showed a significant positive res