Assessment of the distribution and importance of weeds

Bayisa Tufa Kebede

  • Categorie: Technologie & Bouwkunde
  • ISBN: 9783659191619
In wheat farm of Dendi, Ambo and Toke Kutaye districts of West Shewa Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia


The weed distributions studies will help researchers to devise site specific weed control technologies and serve as bases for further studies on weed flora shift in the future.The research findings of the assessments of the above ground weed species distribution in the fields of wheat in the three districts indicated that as a total of 42 weed species were occurred. The largest number of weed species comprised broad leaved weeds species followed by grass and sedges, and there were more annual than perennial weeds were found in fields of wheat.The Reserch suggested the problem must be addressed by all the concerned bodies to control these weeds by adapting appropriate measures including cultural, physical, biological and herbicidal methods that to enhance wheat production and ensure food security.