Drying technology for Rose & Gerbera flowers

Mahendrasinh T Kumpavat

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  • Uitgever: Lap Lambert Academic Publishing
  • ISBN: 9783659137662
A Tool for Preservation and Value addition
Verschijningsdatum:mei 2012
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Auteur(s):Mahendrasinh T Kumpavat | Jayesh S Doshi | Vyas, D. M.
Auteur(s):Mahendrasinh T Kumpavat | Jayesh S Doshi | Vyas, D. M.


Fresh flowers, though exquisite in their beauty, but have short life due to their highly perishable nature. The charm of flowers can be maintained and preserved for several years by employing the technology of drying. Preservation of flowers by drying is based on quickly reducing moisture content of flowers to a point at which biochemical changes can be minimized or brought to a standstill while maintaining cell structure, petal pigment level and shape of flower. The full bloom rose and gerbera flowers, were dried by employing different drying methods such as hot air drying, microwave oven drying with silica gel at 50 deg C, vacuum drying at 40 deg C and 760 mm Hg pressure besides solar and shade drying to find out the most suitable method and drying parameters for drying, with preservation of colour, texture and other quality traits